Here at ticketea we take your privacy and the protection of your information very seriously. How do you know you can trust us? Well, we adhere to Confianza Online. This means that we:

  1. Respect the rules and standards of the “Code of Ethics of E-Commerce and Interactive Advertising” of CONFIANZA ONLINE in all advertising activities and/or contractual transactions with consumers conducted through electronic means of communication.
  2. Submit ourselves to the advertisements jury “Autocontrol” in order to resolve any alleged infraction or infringement of the “Code of Ethics” with regards to advertising.
  3. Submit ourselves to possible arbitrage of the Consumer Arbitration Board to resolve any alleged infraction of the rules of the “Code of Ethics” with respect to electronic contact with consumers, when they cannot be resolved through online mediation. Also, to immediately comply and abide by the consequent decisions issued by the National Consumer Arbitration Board.