Ticketea CheckPoint helps solve the three key problems of all event organisers: the paper guest list, long queues before the event, and potential ticket fraud.

Download the Ticketea CheckPoint app in:

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can start using it 7 days before the start of your event. However, if you just want to see how the app works, check out this tutorial that we created. Or, if you prefer, you can also watch the video presentation which explains how to use the app in one minute.

Add a session: Once you have downloaded the app to your mobile device, you should add a session so that you can begin to validate the entrance of your guests. To do so, click the “+”, as shown in the photo below:

This screen will appear next:

Enter your event code. There are two ways to enter the session that you would like to validate. Pick the option which seems easiest to you, although they both are : ) Important note: The validation code will be active and appear in the Control Panel seven (7) days before your event, so that you have enough time to try using this tool.

  • Scan the QR code that appears in your Control Panel. Place your mobile device about 15cm away from the screen of your computer so that the scanner can read it properly.

  • Enter the alphanumerical code that appears in your Control Panel. This is the same code that has been assigned to your event, same as the QR, but in this case just letters and numbers. You can enter this code manually.

Once you have entered your event code – alphanumeric or QR, either way – you will have the list of attendees on your mobile. The attendees are in alphabetical order.

Start to validate: Validate the entrance of your guests in a quick, simple, and safe way. Remember that you can validate paper tickets as well as e-tickets (from a mobile phone). If the attendee has a valid ticket, the camera will read it from the mobile device, and this screen will appear:

If the ticket has already been validated, meaning that the attendee is already inside of the venue, this screenshot will appear:

However, if this is a fake ticket or it does not correspond with the event in question, the mobile device will detect the falsification in the following manner:

Download the Ticketea CheckPoint Application: So that entrance validation is quick and easy, we recommend:

1. Do this in a well-lit place so that the camera can read the codes

2. Stay in a spot sheltered from any bad weather (wind, rain, etc.)