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Validation in large volumes

Have you sold 2000 tickets for your event? No problem!

At Ticketea we have “backpacks” that, with an iPod, can scan the codes like a typical barcode scanner gun. It is simple to use, and we explain step-by-step below:

1. Enter your particular session with the validation code. Then go to “Backstage” of your event > “Accesses”. If you need a reminder of how Ticketea CheckPoint works, take a look at this link

2. Open the top of the backpack and plug-in the iPod. Make sure that it makes contact with the base. Close the top.

3. When you use the App, instead of using the iPod camera, use the barcode reader. To activate this, just push the button that you can find on the side.

If you need a helping hand, contact us at hello@ticketea.com

Updated on 10/11/2017

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