Have you already published your event on ticketea? Now you can start to sell your tickets through Facebook in a quick, easy way – thanks to the newest update of our Ticketea application for Facebook. You just need to be the administrator of a Facebook page and follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Log in to your Facebook profile (as an admin) and search for our application in the search bar. This will appear in the Applications section.Select where to sell the tickets on the page that you administer and click “Install the Ticketea application”.


install the app



2 If you still haven’t done it, login to Ticketea with your normal information.



3 Select the events which you would like to publically sell on Facebook and…

select the event


Voilà! Start to sell your tickets directly from your fan page


Remember that you can only sell tickets from a fan page and not from a normal user profile on Facebook. You must be the admin of the fan page on Facebook. If you still do not have a fan page, we also have good news for you – you can create one in a few clicks. See how in the photo below:

It couldn’t be any easier!

If you still have any questions, contact us.