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Create an event online in only 2 minutes.

With ticketea.co.uk, creating, managing and promoting your event online is easy and fast. You can start selling tickets online in just minutes! Here, we explain how to do it step-by-step:

1. Go to ticketea.co.uk and click the button “Create an Event” on the upper right corner and access your account. Otherwise, if you are not registered, you can do so using your Facebook account or email address in seconds.

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2. Choose the category and subcategory of your event. This will help attendees find your event more easily when searching our site. Tell us the name of your event and our system will automatically generate a unique URL, so tickets will appear in the top search results of search engines.

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3. Tell us when the event takes place. Remember that if you need to create more sessions you can do it later from the control panel of your administrator page.

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4. Select the venue where the event takes place. You can choose one that has already exists in the system or create a new one.

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5. It is important to know the time and location of your event, but let’s not forget the price! Fill in the ticket price and add relevant information (age restrictions, what the ticket includes, etc.)

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You are now ready! Your event is now created.

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Now just go to the control panel to add details such as:

An image of 1280 x 700 pixels. Don’t know how to adjust an image? Here we show you how to resize your image and you can also use our guide that we created (it is a PDF file).

A text describing the event. For reasons that regard Search Engine Optimization, we recommend that you add at least 200 words and avoid the copy-pasting of content. Be original and creative!

When you are satisfied with everything that you have entered, click on the button “Post” in the upper right corner. From then on, it will be on sale :)

Updated on 27/02/2018

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