Depends on the event! The event organiser can provide two types of tickets:

  • Non-nominative Tickets: These tickets do not require personal information. If you are logged-in to “My Ticketea” or if you have accessed the site with your log-in credentials, we will understand that it is you, and you proceed directly to the checkout. If the tickets are free, we will only ask that you confirm your ticket number. No personal data will appear on this type of ticket and anyone can use it. That being said, there will still be security at the door to validate QR codes.
  • Nominative Tickets: When purchasing this kind of ticket, all attendees are asked for personal data including first name, last name, and email address. If you are logged-in to “My Ticketea”, the personal data is recognised as Attendee 1.
  • If this is not correct, you can change it before purchasing the ticket – or in your “My Tickets History” under your personal account.